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Cloud based CRM solution automating the end to end marketing & sales
cycle to Build Stronger Customer Relations.


With changing customer preferences and consumer buying behavior it’s imperative to understand their needs and wants. Challenge here is to serve every customer in one single way as not all customers are same.

Increasing demands of industries and businesses make is difficult to sustain in this competitive world.

Challenges that businesses and Industries face today to maintain relationship with their internal and external customers are-

  • Collecting customer information efficiently
  • Storing this information for ease of access
  • Analyzing customer behavior to predict purchase behavior
  • Establishing customer need driven market positioning
  • Uniform and predictable customer experience
  • Seamless Sales and Marketing process

Augmenter Solution

CRM solutions help understand how happy customers are and which ones spend more than others. And the age-old rule of “what you cannot measure you cannot manage” may well ring loud here. And that’s where the technology comes into its own.

Suti-CRM is an easy to use web based solution (SaaS/Enterprise) that automates the activities around customer relationship management. Suti-CRM can be used to generate, attract, pursue and close sales leads and opportunities.

End to End Solution for Nurturing your customers & Managing your Business with customer centric approach.

Benefits of CRM


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CRM simplifies your Sales Activities


Generate a consolidated forecast from the field


Extend sales activities to sales, reps, and management


Import /Export functionality to pull in data from other systems

Controlled Access

Manage all activities in a centralized location

Analysis and Charts

Generate Intelligent Forecasts based on confidence and trends