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Augmented Maintenance Platforms

It's exciting and it's intimidating, all at the same time on iOT enabled,
mobile app ready platform


Maintenance management is an all-important function to ensure ROIC (Return on invested capital) through improved asset life, maximized efficiency and up time. However, with limited to no IT enablement, the maintenance function falls short of this significant expectations from them.

  • Manual/Paper based Maintenance Process is cumbersome
  • Waiting for approval delays maintenance activities
  • Poor maintenance leading to reduces asset life
  • Improper classification of root cause leading to repeat failures
  • Heavy dependence on operators/mechanics
  • Non-scientific management of spare parts

Augmenter Solution

AMP is Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) & has been specifically designed to help a company to achieve increased productivity, reduce downtime, and extend equipment life. AMP provides an integrated Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Break Down & Run Hours Tracking comprehensive and detailed reports and graphs. The solution is based on Global TPM Standards. It is also considered a very helpful resource in case of Asset Management and creation of Spares Inventory across a plant/warehouse.

Key Features

  • Approaching towards process excellence of Computerized Maintenance
  • Breakdown Tracking
  • Spares Consumption Pattern
  • Utility Performance

AMP (Computerized Maintenance Management System) - Assists an organization in Asset management, preventive maintenance (PM), WO planning, scheduling, inventory control, and purchasing.

It helps in providing a comprehensive and user friendly universal maintenance solution that can easily be implemented at any level.

It has helped many organizations by providing a highly efficient maintenance solution, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring high productivity of plants.

Augmenter Consulting brings the Factory/Plant Maintenance on fingertips through mobile app and web dashboard with all the functionalities of a best in class maintenance management program.

Benefits of AMP

Inventory Management

Defined Re-order levels which helps minimizing over and under stock inventory, Spare Parts and Equipment’s

Broad & Easy Access

Generation of WOs from anywhere with just a tap of a finger, Multiple Plants can be very easily handled with the installation of AMP

WO Scheduling

Scheduling your WOs and assigning or re-assigning them (Less time spent on planning)

Time Savings

Reduction in Emergency Repairs, thereby increasing Machine Output.

Reduced Processing Cost

Optimized efficiency for Overall processes thus Reduces Cost and Licensing Fees at each level.

Reports & MIS

Review your reports any time anywhere through App & Web