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Digital Signature & e-invoicing

Transforming and Augmenting it Touchless


There is an enormous number of paper documents ("true copies") being exchanged in B2B, B2C and C2B workflows today. With paper comes significant overhead in terms of resources, printing costs, stationery, storage space, transportation, and time; not to mention wastage and efforts associated with duplication of documents. We also realized that there is significant concern about the validity of paper documents, and no easy way to guarantee their authenticity. It was clear that a secure on-line platform would not only address these significant problems in a multitude of industry verticals, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative that would eliminate the use of paper. This is the genesis of Augmenter Document signer solution.

Augmenter Solution

Our Digital Signature solutions are architected to stringent security standards. Our Enterprise products support high availability and large daily transaction volumes and are the system of choice for corporates and SME companies in India. Crores of documents have been signed in real-time with our systems by clients across every vertical.

Augmenter Advantage

Easy to Use

Fully intutive and very simplistic to deploy and use

Complete Audit Trail

When, What, Who in non editable audit trail, fully compliant

Totally Secure and Transparent

Secure with specific controls and real time visible to all stakeholders

Quick ROI

Extremely affordable with multiple commercial options to choose from

Increased Speed

Paper documents take long time to move and get signed, this happens in real time