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Authentication is like a lock; nobody gets in without keys

A chamber for Insider threat management with ZERO false positive

Why Enterprises should use GTB DLP to stop Breaches,
before Insiders steal your data?

  • Virtually zero False positive, zero false negatives.
  • Off-Line fingerprint Detection – The only Solution to accurately detect off-line without the need to “phone home”
  • Retain control & visibility.
  • Illuminate & eliminate unauthorised applications
  • Only one management console for all the data protection facets.
  • Only Solution with integrated Content Aware Digital Rights Management/Information Rights Management.

Benefits of having GTB as DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Smart, Intelligent & Accurate

Endpoint Protector, UBA, ITM with OCR and Fingerprinting.

Data Discovery, Classification, Watermark, OCR. In Real-time, Automatically

Content aware digital rights management.

Cloud security & Application control

File & database auditor