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Automation tools, well integrated with ERP and complimenting the ERP functionalities
to deliver efficiency and effectiveness with significant cost advantage, process
transparency and standardization


Inbound and Outbound logistics are at the nerve center of any Business. They help connect the dots across the value chain and ensure availability at the right time and at the right price. Without the right technology infusion in the logistic function it is nearly impossible to make it efficient and best in class. It faces specific challenges which our tool can help overcome.

  • Real time tracking of shipment is difficult
  • Non-scientific Route and Rates optimization
  • Limited transparency / visibility
  • 30 to 50 Days cycle for Freight Settlement
  • Potential duplicate payments
  • Non-integrated Inbound and outbound transport management

Augmenter Solution

Simply defined, it is the process that helps an organization to automate logistical processes and providing supply chain management services to organizations. E-Logistics helps in providing supply chain visibility by still being a part of the existing e-Commerce.

Augmenter e-Logistic solution enables all the facades of logistics operations through iOT enabled, mobile app ready platform. The platform has following modules.

  • E-Bid/Spot Rate Contract
  • Shipment Management
  • Inbound Traffic Control
  • Advance Ship Notification
  • Outbound Traffic Control
  • Freight Invoice Verification
  • Locate my Shipment

Benefits of E-Logistics

Price Contractual Compliance

Verification of invoices raised and contractual compliance reducing time energy and efforts.

AP Productivity Improvement

Integrates with ERP for Productivity improvement

Cost Optimization

Enables optimum utilization of Cost and Reduces Cost

Opportunity Identification

Identify opportunities that are never seen before

On the Go Management

Mobile applications to access anywhere anytime in real time.