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"We continue to Transform Business and Take on New Challenges to improve satisfaction among clients, stakeholders and employees"

Anupam Kashiv

Founder & CEO

It is a privilege to represent Augmenter Consulting to its customers, stakeholders , partners and employees. An amazing array of best in class technology products which are bound to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the operations of our client, besides much improved control and compliance is a great satisfier.

Customer delight is the hallmark of everything we do! And it shows in our approach, design, connect with the customer and implementations. They say, and rightly so, no two customers (read businesses) are the same, and thus it is so critical to understand every organization specific nuances driven by business processes, culture, strategy, leadership and technology implementation maturity. At Augmenter, we exactly do that, a solution must be most optimum for the customer needs.

In today’s technology empowered world, it is easy to get carried away, with trying to have everything, but critical is to look at “Fit for Purpose” technology enablement and it should be strictly being driven by the highest possible ROI and lowest possible payback periods. The pace of implementation coupled with change management approach are critical ask for the planned transformation. We are happy to support our customers in arriving at the just approach to maximize benefits.

Innovation makes the difference and helps in creating the edge in the market place, and this a virtuous cycle. Our product partners understand this very well, thus through our products and services, we make sure that the cutting edge being offered by our solutions is never lost to our customers. The testimony for that is, that our customer relationships have only grown across product groups and offerings, besides harvesting the continued benefits and transformation.

We augment Enterprise Solutions and will continue to do, to the delight of our customers and stakeholder.

Our Core Values

Customer First

We believe in creating & maintaining work life balance


Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth


We are committed team and we commit great products and service that positively impact our client's business.


Taking care of the company and customers as they were of one’s own.