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End to End Warehouse Management Solution


Organizations face a myriad of challenges in their day-to-day operations. One of the primary difficulties is inefficient inventory management, leading to inaccurate stock levels and potential stockouts or overstock situations.

Fulfilment processes become labour-intensive and error-prone, resulting in delayed shipments. Lack of real-time visibility into warehouse activities makes it challenging to optimize space utilization and streamline workflows, hampering overall operational efficiency.

In the absence of a WMS, organizations struggle to adapt to dynamic market demands and may find it difficult to scale their operations effectively. Overall, the absence of a Warehouse Management Solution poses a significant hurdle for organizations aiming to stay competitive in the fast-paced and demanding landscape of modern supply chain management.

Augmenter Solution

Augmenter’s Warehouse Management Solution is an enterprise grade modern Warehouse Management System, that seamlessly manages the warehouse operations by system driven intelligence and provides inventory control, optimized space utilization and efficient workforce management thru orchestration.

Real-time visibility of Inventory and operational data provides complete control on the ground operations.

AI/ML based deep learning models for demand forecasting, operational risk predictions, seamless integration with line-of-business applications, integration with warehouse automation equipment and control systems keeps Augmenters WMS to be on the forefront.