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Accounts Payable Platform

Make yours procure to Pay Processes Paperless with Accounts Payable Platform

Delivering significantly on Operating Cost, CSAT, Controls and process transformation


The Accounts Payable process by far is the most important process in Finance from the point of view of need of controls and compliance, as here it is, where the company’s funds go out. Also the process is multi dimosional and has both internal and external stakeholders, given this reality the transaction have multiple back and forth across stakeholders before it is ready for payment processing. Further if the process is not streamlined, it makes it that much more laborious and tedious besides exposing the organization to potential fraud, control gaps and compliance default situations. The key challenges faced can be summarized as under:

  • Non-streamlined processes
  • Excessive manual operation
  • Persistent vendor issues
  • Potential duplicate payment
  • Potential fraud

Augmenter Solution

Accounts Payable Platform streamlines the entire process of invoice capture, match, approve and payment. Makes process from beginning to end quick and easy.

Cut your processing time by 75% with Accounts Payable Software.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Platform

Reduced Cycle time

Reduce time for processing invoices.

Lower Turn-around time

Reduction in turn-around time for processing the invoices

Save Cost

Significant drop in cost per invoice processed

Improved controls

regulatory compliance and transparency in Finance

Customer Satisfaction

Customer / vendor satisfaction Improvement