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HR Platform

Integrated End to End Cloud based HR Platform covering entire
Hire to Retire process. Easy to deploy, use and significantly
enhance your employee satisfaction at much lower costs


By far the most critical of processes that need to run smoothly and transparently as it touches each and every employee in various forms and shapes. While having the right processes is critical running them smoothly in a manual environment becomes hugely cumbersome and tedious to operate impacting employee experience and morale.

  • Long Recruitment Cycles resulting in delayed deployment on critical positions.
  • Engaging Employees with right individual development plans, in sync with org goals.
  • Growing Talent in line with changing business needs and emerging competition.
  • People dependence vs process driven
  • Transactional activities which are repeatable reproducible and measurable are performed manually.

Augmenter Solution

A comprehensive HR Platform to manage workforce. End to End solution for Human Resource Management with Fingertip Authentication. This platform provides efficient dashboards and reports to foster your decision making in real time.

Smart HR Software to recruit, manage, retain, develop & Smoothly Separate your workforce!

Benefits of HR Platform

Configurable Architecture

Solution conforms to existing company processes

Employee Self Service

Allow your employees to perform routine tasks online efficiently.

Flexible Approval Workflows

Ability to design and apply rules engine to meet a broad spectrum of workflows and one time requests.

Modular Access

Configure and pay for only the modules you need.

Payroll System Integration

Seamless connection and transmission of data with your payroll provider.

Best In Class ROI

Pricing and plans that meet your budget requirements