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Augmenting Enterprise Solutions

Our implementation approach starts with current state assessment and
thus building the road map there on


While Industry 4.0 is the great goal to have for any manufacturing organization, it is imperative that it is first understood, second defined and third is implemented in a systematic manner followed by well-orchestrated continuous improvement program. The challenges that industry faces are-

  • No one size fits all definition of Industry 4.0
  • Being confused with industrial automation only
  • Assumed to be high cost with limited ROI
  • Varied definitions across functions and user base
  • Lacking systematic building block approach

Augmenter Solution

Solutions are specific to an industry and progress is governed by the current status in the maturity journey.

Our Approach towards creating Smart Factories with Industry 4.0:
We focus on all minute nuances of cost reduction such as Employee’s User Experience being our priority which in turn lowers the cost of training, support, staff turnovers and thus raises the operational speed for better results.

Our Predictive analytics, when used to support real-time quality control and maintenance, contributes to the savings by smoothing operations and reducing breakdowns.
In addition, the availability of real-time data & Man and Machine Interface enables companies to offer more personalized products and customized solutions, which usually generate significantly higher margins than mass-manufactured offerings

Benefits of Industry 4.0

Digitization of KRAs

Helps visualize Performance of employees.

Informed Decision Making

Predictive analysis supports real time quality control and maintenance. Improved and informed decision making with use of real time data availability.

Integration of Man-Machine Interface

Helps in cost optimization and time saving thus in turn add value.

Improved Effectiveness & Efficiency

Improved performance at each level and thus step forward in creating Smart Factory.

Improved Safety and Quality

Improves quality and safety of Man & Machine Productivity

Enhanced Scalability

Standardize and Consolidate Process to scale meet the ever-demanding needs of your business.