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IPF IIOT Solution


With the significant amount of capital intensity for best-in-class manufacturing technologies it’s imperative for the industry to make sure that the production lines are delivering the highest possible efficiency and all the support being available in a transparent and very speedy manner. To Achieve this, the industries face the following challenges.

Visibility to Line efficiency is reactive as it is measured over shifts or days.

Manufacturing performance data not available on single platform to enable complete drill down & corrective action planning.

Limited ability to see pattern on failures & thus inability to prevent them.

Knowledge & Expertise transition from one team to other is slow to non-existent.

Augmenter Solution

IPF IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Solution is a cutting-edge technology that brings the power of the Internet of Things to the industrial sector. It is designed to connect, monitor, and optimize various aspects of industrial operations, leading to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved decision-making capabilities. IPF is Augmenter’s, IIOT enabled, mobile ct in the process.

App ready platform to help transform any factory into a smart factory, increasing the efficiency and reducing environmental impact.