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Financial Reviews

Complexity to Simplicity


Growing fast with limited financial skills and inadequate infrastructure becomes difficult unless we have right governance in place to improve monitoring. Cost to optimize our investment and reinvestment at the right place is critical factor to consider in financial reviews.

Challenges that many of the organizations face today are-

1. Ineffective compliance – cost of which is too high

2. Lack of Financial expertise

3. Excessive focus instead of balanced focus on financial lag indicators

Augmenter Solution

In order to provide credibility to the general purpose financial statements of MSME’s who may not require a statutory audit, we provide limited assurance review of the Entity’s financial statements through the 3P’s approach in our Financials Review (Fire) service.

Financial Reviews are also provided to big Corporates for assurance reviews of their separate divisions, departments, geographies, product-lines & businesses.

Benefits of Financial Reviews

Bridging the Gaps

Assessing current state of Business to achieve desired goals.

Achieve Financial Goals

This service acts as a catalyst to grab the opportunities of Cost Savings.

Improved Governance

State if the art decision making for improved governance

Advanced Reporting

Data to information and Information to insights thus fostering decision making at higher level