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Business Process Transformation

Grow Your Business


Business process transformation is an umbrella term that describes the act of radically changing the series of actions required to meet a specific business goal. Critical here is to measure the performance indicators and Process effectiveness. Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process id cumbersome and requires “What-If” Simulations. Determine which changes will deliver the maximum benefits. Challenges are-

  • System Integration
  • Change Management
  • Meeting SLAs

Augmenter Solution

With years of experience in business advisory projects, we help organizations to achieve operational efficiency and higher return on investment. At Augmenter Consulting, we help organizations improve their processes, strategies, and in turn your company. And our staff has the capabilities and experience to do it. We’re proud to shape how leading companies transform and manage their business processes.

Traditionally, automation of business processes using workflows meant implementing the automated process and no more. Business Process Management takes this to the next level. Business process lifecycle is about continuous business process improvement. As well as automating the process, we are capturing the process in a structured way. This cycle of process improvement repeats continuously for the life of the process.


  • Capture the business processes at a high level. Gather just enough detail to understand conceptually how the process works.


Extend the model to capture more detail required to execute the process, e.g.

  • – Recipients
  • – Form controls and layout
  • – Email message content
  • – System integration


  • Instances of the process are launched and interacted with by the end users


  • Measure key performance indicators and process performance.
  • View these vs. SLAs via graphical dashboards and textual reports to monitor how the process is performing.
  • Understand where the bottlenecks/inefficiencies in the process are.


  • Improve the business process and performance against SLAs by reducing the bottlenecks/inefficiencies identified during monitoring.
  • Simulate these changes using “what-if” simulation. Determine which changes will deliver the maximum benefit. Fine tune the process.

Benefits of Business Process Transformation


Measure KPI and Process Performance

Improve Efficiency

Save time, energy and efforts thereby improving efficiency.

Fine Tuning

Fine tune the process, standardize them and get maximum benefit

Continuous Improvement

Create the mindset of continuous improvement by reducing the inefficiencies/bottlenecks