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Shared/ Outsourcing Services

Focus on the Core


In today’s environments and socio-economic pressures on business it’s critical for the organizations to Design, Develop, Deliver and Sustain all at the same time. Adapting the change and transition to embrace the new opportunities for business is crucial.

Approach towards insourcing/outsourcing and Shared service has changed and thus we help mitigate the challenges encountered in this regard such as- Designing the right strategy framework, developing on core strengths for your business to Deliver Best in Class Customer Experience to Sustain in the marketplace.

Augmenter Solution

Our offshoring & outsourcing solutions are tailored to customer needs—balancing quality, cost and revenue objectives jump-start a virtuous cycle of increased productivity and efficiency in operations, employee satisfaction, improved service quality and higher customer loyalty. Our creative design capabilities along with an analytical approach helps design solutions which positively impact bottom line.

We help our clients reduce support costs and improve service delivery through relevant and compelling solutions. Our solutions are aimed at driving your specific business outcomes focused on achieving sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Strategy Design
  • Opportunity Assessment & Analysis
  • Business Case (Offshore vs. Outsource)


  • Shared Services/ Outsourcing/ Insourcing Approach
  • Negotiations & Contracting


  • Transition
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Governance
  • Vendor Management


  • Performance Review
  • Satisfaction Review
  • Renegotiation Support
  • Contract Review Assessment

Benefits of Shared & Outsourcing Services

Cost Competitiveness

understand what drives cost and value, and how to optimize them. Multifunctional shared/outsourced services staff are now focused on both.

Win the Market

High performers are more outward looking and focused on the market and growth

Operational Agility

Multifunctional shared service units are key to optimization and delivering that agility.

Stakeholder Confidence

protect performance by engaging more with stakeholders and unleashing their talent.