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Route to market consulting

RTM is a systematic approach to ensure maximization of "Profitable Growth"
through revenue and productivity enhancement


A critical element of any business strategy is to identify the optimum combination of traditional and digital channels to reach customers, clients and consumers across a chosen market. In today’s competitive environment it becomes very difficult to identify how you plan to sell what your customers’ needs and wants are due to ever changing demands of customers. Challenges that most of the businesses face here are-

  • Geographical Dispersion and Total Market Size.
  • Diverse Regulatory Frameworks
  • Hybrid Distribution Environment
  • Changing Consumer Preferences

Augmenter Solution

Our approach to RTM: All business activities from plant warehouse to the customer shelf aim to execute the consumer, channel and customer strategies in most effective and efficient way, so as to reduce the TCO, Maximize the value and enable decision tree to optimize the market place.

We support your business in Planning-Designing -Developing -Implementing -Executing -Reviewing Route to Market Strategies for competitive advantage by understanding your customer’s needs.

We assist you Evaluate – Identify - Prioritize: Channel Partners thus in turn achieve Profitable Growth.

Partnering with leading companies to create and capture lasting incremental values from consumer, customer and channels, through formal tools, templates, methodologies, data analytics and on ground execution support to business teams.

Benefits of Route to market consulting

Capability Building

Improved Sales Force Effectiveness, Create Picture of Success & Gain Larger and more effective Market Reach

Achieve Profitable Growth

Volume and Net Revenue

Demand Fulfilled

Sense Demand, Shape Demand and Respond to Demand.

Improve Productivity

Cost and Capital Efficiency